The first fastest application that informs you about traffic and traffic in King Fahd Causeway to go to and from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

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How did it start Zahma O La in 2013?

The application started from the founder (Muhammad Al-Faris), a resident of the eastern region, and one of the millions who were suffering from bridge congestion King Fahd and the long lines to cross between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

In 2013, Muhammad came up with the idea that he was leveling a mobile app that would help him and help people choose the best time to travel across the bridge.

Indeed, the application was designed and launched by the company owned by Muhammad (Blue Mile) and in cooperation with some partners Strategies.

The application now offers a completely free and fast service to track the traffic density on the bridge in both directions.

Now and in 2020 the application Zahma O La is still provide its wonderful and free service in a new way with the redesign of the application And improve it to be compatible with modern devices.

The goal of the application is that you simply and in seconds know the state of the bridgeSo save your time and not waste it in long and boring queues.


Why crowd or not?

Immediate update

Within seconds, you will know the state of crowding in the bridge, and it will show you an alert about the time of the last update and the possibility of requesting the update again at that moment.

User Experience

We designed a very simplified version that focuses on the user and achieving his main goal of using our application, which is to know the crowded state in seconds.

Download the app

Zahma O La for Apple iOS and Android devices.

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